Sibyllans – Kaffe & Tehandel

Coffee roastery and tea retailer since 1916

We are the little shop with our own coffee roastery on Sibyllegatan in Stockholm. For over one hundred years now, we have been on the hunt for the best leaves and beans, roasts, and blends. We have found our way to the most remote plantations, taken coffee with hard sell farmers, and tracked down the most exclusive harvests. We have blended, roasted, and tasted, over and over and over again. And what you’ll find on our site are our best taste experiences. We welcome browsers and buyers. And, of course, anyone who visits us in person.

Don’t forget our lovely coffee

At last!
A gift voucher in a box!

Make someone a present of our delightful gift voucher and give them the gift and the pleasure of browsing and selecting their personal favourites from our extensive range of delicious beverages. Visit our shop on Sibyllegatan and choose the value of your gift voucher. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might like to throw in a small fragrant sample, too.

Tea not your cup of tea?

Nonsense! Not every tea is going to be to everyone’s taste. But there’s also a tea for everyone. Every order we deliver includes a sample for you to try. And that goes for our coffee, too, of course.

Get in touch

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and to advise you on all things tea and coffee. We’d also love to hear from you so we can tell you which specialist teas we currently have in stock. Or maybe you’d like to book a tea tasting session at our premises? The easiest thing is simply to give us a call during the shop’s opening hours.